Social Learning Network for Learners, info by Yuli

Hello Fellow Student. In this posting, I would like to tell you, I have found a good website for learning and also we can have social network there, such as facebook. For who has facebook account, off course can connect to this international social learning network. It is a good chance for you to look first at this web I Find it very interesting. Now its my opinion about Course Hero. Juz take a minute to read carefully what my opinion about it. Course hero is an open social learning network for students, educators and self-learners to publish, share and view academic resources online. In support of the open educational Resources (OER) movement. The educational materials found on should be used to supplement current study.
Course hero’s is mission is to enhance collage education to new heights by enhancing a student’s theoritical (text book) understanding. Member of Course Hero Network can get STAT Textbook Answer.
Course hero is a “Give and Get” network wherby content seekers can acquire valuable course related materials from their peers once the contribute to the benefit.
anyone with a facebook account can access and view documents posted on course hero, and invited friends and/or become a monthly subscriber..Joining this coursehero is Free, and get your study material, STAT Homework Solution, STAT Exam, by becoming member of this international social learning network. You can access over 200,000 text books, meet over 300,000 fellow students from all over the world. So Learn, Make Network, Get the material learning, all is yours.

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